Employment Success Story

Jane, (name changed to protect privacy) was unemployed, and had been looking for work for about two years. She was finding it challenging to find work due to her hearing loss and the COVID-19-related economic turndown. In her job search, Jane also faced agism and discrimination; Jane has a foreign accent and found people would evaluate her based on common stereotypes, despite her being a Canadian citizen. She didn’t have access to the internet or a mobile device due to increasing cost of living. While she was always financially prudent, she found herself subject to mandatory condo remediations, and needed to come out of retirement to find work.

Client Spotlight

The Family & Community Services team are thrilled to spotlight Nolan – a remarkable Vancouver Island teenager. IDHHC has provided service to Nolan and his family for many years. The family committed to learning and using ASL, to attending workshops, and to supporting Nolan’s access to education and to the broader community. Nolan has matured into a confident, articulate and multi-faceted young man! He is now, in turn, working on contract with IDHHC as a Role Model for another young hard of hearing boy. Please continue reading to learn more about Nolan’s journey and goals.

Music To Your Ears!

The audiologists at IDHHC thrive on enhancing the listening experience of people with hearing loss in all facets of their life. With hearing aid fittings, we run tests and adjust programming to ensure hearing aids are precisely tuned to amplify speech and reduce unwanted background sounds. However, there may be unique listening scenarios where the focus is not necessarily on speech. The most common example of this is music.