Sound of Change

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC) established the Sound of Change Initiative in 2016, a service designed to provide free hearing assessments, refurbished hearing aids, and communication devices to vulnerable and at-risk populations including low-income seniors and adults.

IDHHC employs two clinical Registered Audiologists to perform full hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, and recommendations for communication devices. Additionally, clients also have a personalized communication plan developed for them consisting of hearing rehabilitation services. Working together, the IDHHC team along with other service providers will work with individuals and families to support healthy communication options to those that need it most.

We are grateful for the support and partnership for this initiative from:

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The Sound of Change Procedure

These images have been provided to explain the process, from first interview and assessment to fitting and follow-up.
1. Initial Intake

When your hearing assessment begins, the audiologist will review your hearing health with you. They will ask questions to discover the specific types of environments in which you are experiencing hearing difficulties.

2. Hearing Assessment

A diagnostic hearing assessment will be conducted by an audiologist. This will include a variety of tests to determine the degree of your hearing loss, as well as the level at which you can detect and understand speech in quiet and in noise.

3. Further Testing

The comprehensive hearing assessment will provide the audiologist with information on which hearing aids would best be suited for your hearing needs. The hearing test results will be discussed with you.

4. Fitting Appointment

After discussion of appropriate hearing aids, a hearing aid fitting appointment will scheduled. The refurbished hearing aids will be programmed to meet your specific hearing loss and hearing needs.

5. How To

The audiologist will explain how to use the devices, how to put them in and remove them from your ear, how to change the batteries and how to care for and clean the hearing aids.

6. Improved Hearing

The hearing aids will improve your ability to hear by making important sounds louder and speech clear. The hearing aids often sound loud for first time hearing aid users; with consistent use of the hearing aids you will adapt to find everyday sounds are audible and comfortable.

7. Follow-up

Follow-up appointments are recommended to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids. Adjustments can be made to ensure maximum comfort and benefit. Further discussion of other helpful assistive listening devices and aural rehabilitation programs are also discussed at your first follow-up appointment. Regular hearing aid cleanings and repairs are also available in the clinic.