Annual Reports

2022 – 2023

“As we look back on the past year, we can reflect on the significant challenges that we faced as an organization. The lingering impacts of the pandemic continued to forced changes in how we delivered our services and how our clients accessed those services. The demands for interpretation and captioning increased while our ‘walk-in’ traffic started to recover late in the year.” – Chris Beresford, IDHHC Board President

“Another busy fiscal year is complete and our reflections are mixed with successes and challenges. In the following pages you can read from our staff and Board teams the reports that summarize some of those stories.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2021 – 2022

“The past year has been one of change and challenge for IDHHC. We continue to address the many challenges presented by the pandemic, some two years after the first signs of COVID-19. We have been able to slowly restore in-person services in a safe manner for our clients and our staff. Many programs, such as Interpreting and Captioning Services, have been essential for the well-being of our communities.” – Chris Beresford, IDHHC Board President

“Looking back, it is difficult to describe the last two years – they feel blurry and disjointed. We do know we are not alone in this reflection – many organizations and agencies like us feel the very same way. As we emerge from the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges along the way we hope to emerge on the other side with more certainty and confidence.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2020 – 2021

“The Board appreciates the commitment of the IDHHC staff who worked through a difficult last year and their dedication to continue serving our clients and meeting their needs. It hasn’t been easy as COVID-19 protocols shift and demands change. The Board has worked closely with our Executive Director, Denise Robertson and we are fortunate to have her wisdom and experience to help us through these difficult months.” – Southard Quint, IDHHC Board President

“As we close the books on the last fiscal year I am grateful to the community around us that often shone brightly in a time of extreme challenge and uncertainty. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary we look forward to many more years to deliver our mission: being leaders in education and innovation; fighting isolation and improving access and inclusion; strengthening families and communities.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2018 – 2019

“It has been a full, productive year despite all of the usual funding challenges of a non-profit organization. Many thanks go to the staff, Board members and volunteers who work so hard to help realize our Mission and Vision. Thank you to community members and clients for your input and involvement with IDHHC.”– Michael Hayes, IDHHC Board President

“Looking back over the last twelve months I realize there was so much activity it is sometimes hard to believe we packed that much into one year! The move to the McKenzie office in Victoria last June started us on a path that would remain busy throughout the year. It is wonderful to see more individuals with appointments or just dropping in to the office to meet with staff or take advantage of using the space and technology. We look forward to expanding those opportunities in the mid-island in the year ahead.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2017 – 2018

“Thank you to all those who have served so well on our Board. You volunteer your time, energy and skills and IDHHC is stronger because of you. A tremendous thank you to Mark Gillis and Jill Bates-Smith who will be leaving the Board this year … Jill after 20 years of service! You will both be missed and hard to replace.” – Michael Hayes, IDHHC Board President

“As you can see it has been a very busy but very productive year, and I would like to thank all of the staff, volunteers, clients, supporters, funders and everyone involved with IDHHC for their commitment and dedication. We look forward to another exciting year with you in 2018 – 2019!” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2016 – 2017

“Once again the staff and leadership team, led by Denise Robertson, Executive Director have not only continued to meet our mandate but have expanded the services available to the communities we serve. Thank you to everyone for what has been accomplished with minimal resources. Expanding services include family and community team providing 1354 consulting outreach sessions to service providers on behalf of clients this year, up over last years’ numbers of 1075 – a 26% increase.” – Richard Letourneau, IDHHC Board President

“Looking back on this last fiscal year we have again accomplished much in a changing economy. Like anyone trying to pay their bills, raise their children and meet rising costs, there is much to consider and many decisions to be made. Meeting with other small non-profits social service agencies has confirmed that we are not alone in our endeavours to maintain services, deliver on our mission, plant the seeds for long-term sustainability and look to the possibility of meeting greater expectations.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2015 – 2016

“It was a year, unfortunately, not without adverse financial pressures. Like most not-for-profits, securing ongoing stable funding for services is challenging and puts further demands on the Executive Director and staff. We wish to commend them for rising to these challenges and to thank them for their perseverance, diligence and fortitude. Your efforts are sincerely valued and appreciated. Moreover, a board-driven task force was mandated to develop options for Board review and subsequent actions to be delivered by staff, so I likewise thank those members for their contributions.” – Richard Letourneau, IDHHC Board President

“So we draw 2015-2016 to close with a reasonably small deficit, coming through an exceptionally challenging year relatively unscathed and much more focused. We are a smaller but dedicated team of employees committed to positive outcomes, a tireless Board, and a community of amazing partners. With all of this in play I believe that IDHHC will flourish in the next three years to become resilient and flexible with a focus on long-term viability while striving to provide the highest quality of service to the Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities on Vancouver Island. I hope you will be part of this success.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2014 – 2015

“It has been another roller coaster year at IDHHC, with many notable successes and some real challenges. This appears to be the inevitable pattern for small nonprofit agencies faced with fewer government resources and fierce competition for fundraising dollars. We have had success in applying for some small grants but still face serious funding challenges – a sign of the times and a reflection of increasing need in the community and decreasing resources to support that need.” – Michael Hayes, IDHHC Board President

“As always, the last fiscal year has flown by quickly and a snapshot review shows a great deal of activity. We began this busy year with moves in both the Victoria and Nanaimo offices in April and May. In an effort to manage our budget, the decision to make these office moves resulted in a $27,000 reduction in annual rent – a significant move to reduce overhead costs while maintaining services.” – Denise Robertson, IDHHC Board President

2013 – 2014

“This year saw both our membership and fund-raising efforts grow. We produced a powerful “case for support” pamphlet to articulate our community outreach. We also completed our Strategic Plan, the foundation of renewed and increasing initiatives to attract funding from disparate sources: government, foundations, service clubs and individuals.” – Michael Hayes, IDHHC Board President

“Over the last two years with IDHHC I have watched the team of staff and Board members rise to new heights to contend with dramatic changes and daunting fiscal situations. With outstanding dedication and working together, we have developed a plan and set a course to ensure that IDHHC will continue to thrive . As I thank this amazing group of people for their efforts, I invite you to read about our work over the last year in the following pages.” – Densie Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director

2012 – 2013

“While many wonderful things are happening at IDHHC, these are still challenging times for the nonprofit sector. We need the commitment and support of every one of you to create economic stability that will secure existing programs and allow for growth. We know that there are challenges ahead, but with our hardworking Board, our talented staff, and strong leadership, we will get the job done.” – Michael Hayes, IDHHC Board Director

“Over the last year I have come to see and understand the perseverance that the people at IDHHC bring to their daily vocation. For everyone on this team, it is not just a job, but a belief that we each bring our own special skill and a heart felt commitment to create a community where the Deaf and Hard of Hearing can achieve access, independence, engagement and accomplishment. This unwavering resolve makes this team unique – and as we move forward through the stages of change this resolve and commitment will be the cornerstone of future success.” – Densie Robertson, IDHHC Executive Director