If you have ever wondered about our services, please join our

Open House on Tuesday, May 30th @ 11AM – 3PM

Enjoy a refreshment and any of the following activities…

Hearing Screenings and Hearing Aid Clean & Checks will be performed by our audiologist.

Assistive Technology Demonstrations & Displays for anyone with questions about devices such amplified telephones, visual alerts, TV headphones.

American Sign Language (ASL) instructor will be present to teach you how to sign your name, some simple greeting, or sign a story for your little ones.

Test your earbuds to see if you are listening to your music at a safe volume.

Find out how our employment staff can help you hear better at work.

Learn more about the many classes and webinars we offer throughout the year.

102 – 6588 Applecross Road

email: nanaimo@idhhc.ca
voice: 250.753.0999