Music To Your Ears!

The audiologists at IDHHC thrive on enhancing the listening experience of people with hearing loss in all facets of their life. With hearing aid fittings, we run tests and adjust programming to ensure hearing aids are precisely tuned to amplify speech and reduce unwanted background sounds. However, there may be unique listening scenarios where the focus is not necessarily on speech. The most common example of this is music.

Whether you are playing an instrument, putting on a favourite album, or going to a live performance, we recognize that listening to music is a unique auditory experience. Listeners crave a full, dynamic, and rich sound quality. For hearing aid users, the best configuration of amplification may depend on the style of music, or the specific instrument a musician is playing. For music lovers with keen ears and modern hearing aids, we usually have the option of creating a special setting, or program, that can be adjusted to achieve the most desirable listening experience.

This program can be adjusted at follow-up appointments based on hearing aid users’ experiences. Alternatively, our musician clients are always invited (and encouraged!) to bring their instruments into our clinic – so that our audiologists can do a “live tuning”. A great example was a recent fitting where Victoria IDHHC client, Nancy Watters, came in with her three crystal singing bowls. Each bowl had a unique resonant frequency with harmonics, and our audiologist was able to help make sure that the hearing aid music program was adjusted appropriately. Here is what Nancy had to say about her experience:

I’ve been a singer and musician all my life. It’s the heart of me. If you are a musician, you understand. Sadly, for the past 20 years, as I was building a successful music business, I was also gradually loosing my hearing. I always said I would never stop singing, drumming and playing crystal singing bowls, until I had to. Hearing aids enabled me to keep going for 20 years and build an international music business. But last year I quit because I couldn’t hear well enough anymore. I was so depressed!

I decided to go to IDHHC to see if they could help. Miraculously, I learned that my hearing was holding steady. It was my hearing aids that needed replacement. With my new High Power Oticons in hand, Edward skillfully made a highly refined music program that allows to me to hear my singing voice and the overtones of the crystal bowls together. Now I’m creating new music. And I’m blissfully listening again to the birds sing and to the wind chimes in my garden. He is the first audiologist I’ve had in 20 years who really understands how to program hearing aids for musicians. I am SO grateful to Edward and the IDHHC team for giving me back my life and my music. I’m back in business!

Listen and purchase bowls here:

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