Speechreading Instructor Training

April 14 – 17 @ 9AM – 4:30PM

IDHHC is proud to offer a Let’s Talk speechreading instructor training program. It is a program designed to prepare you to teach others more about hearing loss, its effects on people, strategies to improve communication and of course, the challenging skills of reading lips. An instructor with a hearing loss also becomes a role model for students so having a hearing loss is an asset when teaching! And IDHHC will be looking to contract new instructors to teach with us. Take the course and get a job too! Any questions, please contact Leslee at leslee@idhhc.ca.

$600 per person + textbooks (Let’s Talk Manual and Hearing Help). Captioning will be provided.

This will be in-person at our new Victoria location, in the Classroom.
To register and for further information, please email leslee@idhhc.ca. Register today to secure your spot.

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