BC Vaccine Card Information

Need some BC Vaccine Card Information in ASL? Watch this video!

Contact information for more support:
Alex: email alex@idhhc.ca or text 250.668.4235
Susanne: email or FT susanne@idhhc.ca or text 250.818.5738
Leslee: email leslee@idhhc.ca or text 250.818.5738

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi. My name is (sign name), spelled Nina. I do social media work for Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, IDHHC for short.

This video is about how to get the BC Vaccine Card.

People who live in BC that wants to access non-essential services like restaurants, fitness centres, indoor events (ie. music, theatre, sports), conferences, weddings, and movie theatres… this also includes IDHHC offices in Victoria and Nanaimo.

To be able to access these services, you will need to show your vaccine card. Starting September 13, you will need to show proof you have had your first vaccine. Starting October 24, you will need to show proof you have had your second vaccine.

How? With the BC vaccine card. You can either display it with your mobile phone or printed on a paper. They will either scan it or just read it.

Are you curious how to get it? I will show you how!

See the address? (www.gov.bc.ca/vaccinecard) Type that in the address bar.
Once it loads, you will see this.
You can see all the information, how vaccine card works, what the rules are, etcetera.
Scroll down a bit until you see the title “Get the BC Vaccine Card”.
Just below that, you will see a button titled “Get my BC Vaccine Card”. Click on that.
Most of the time, it will load this page. Once in a while, it will load a page saying “Waiting in Queue”. It basically means you are waiting in line due to the website being busy. It will tell you how much time before it’s your turn.
Now, see this form? Your personal health number is what’s on the back of your health card.
Next one is your birthday. Just fill that in.
Next one is your vaccination date. You can put in either your first or second one, doesn’t matter which.
How to know what the date is? This blue/orange card will have the dates on it. Just pick one of the dates and fill that in.
Once that is all done, click “Enter”.
Now it will load a page displaying this. Green means fully vaccinated. Blue means first vaccine only. Grey means no record.

What shows for you is what you want to show proof when you are out. You can either use your mobile phone or printed on a paper to show your BC vaccine card.

How do you screenshot and save it?

With iPhone, you can push the volume up button and the sleep button at the same time. It will automatically save the shot to the Photos app. With Android, for most phones, you can push the volume down button and the power/sleep button at the same time. It will automatically save the shot to the Photos app.

If you are using a Mac laptop or desktop, you can push these buttons (shift+command+3) and it will save to the desktop. Open it and crop it with whichever program you choose to use. If you are using Windows, you can use the program called Snip & Sketch. Drag and click the area you want and save it.

You can either keep it on your phone for showing or print it on paper for showing.

Some places, if they don’t know who you are and never met you before, they possibly will ask you for ID to ensure a match.

This front page, it will have all the details on how to use the card, where to use it, and where you won’t need to use it.

If you don’t have a computer or a mobile phone, you can call them and they will send you a copy in the mail. Or you can go into a Service BC and they will print one out for you. If you’re still unsure and need help, you can contact our Family & Community Services staff. In Nanaimo and area, you can text or email Alex. In Victoria and area, you can email, text, or FT either Susanne or Leslee. Their contact information is below.

Stay safe! Bye.

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