COVID-19 Update

TRANSCRIPT: Hi! My name is (signs name), spelled Nina. I do social media work for Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre (IDHHC). We now have new COVID-19 protocol updates effective July 1, 2021. The following rules will apply to all staff and clients at both our offices in Victoria and Nanaimo. The rules will remain in effect until past September 7, 2021.

We have now entered the phase in our recovery called ‚ÄúCommunicable Disease Prevention.” At this stage, we still have the concern of communicable diseases. We all want to focus on things like hand washing and sanitizing, cleaning regularly with sanitizers, wearing masks/face shields when needed, and continuing to social distance.

The protocols for clients are:
– Temperature checks no longer required.
– Screening questions no longer required.
– Contact tracing documents no longer required.
– Masks/face shields are still requested for everyone.
– Hand sanitizer to be used when entering the office.
– Plexiglass screens still used at all in-person appointments to protect staff and client.
– Social distancing is strongly recommended.
– We will not be asking clients if they have been vaccinated or refusing entry if they have not.

The protocols for staff and office are:
– Staff may choose to wear masks or face shields with clients.
– Staff to staff does not require masks/face shields but any individual wanting to wear a mask and/or requesting others to do so will be respected.
– Hand washing and sanitizing must continue for staff.
– Both offices, here in Victoria and in Nanaimo, have a maximum capacity for staff and clients. Here in Victoria, 13. In Nanaimo, 5.
– Individual offices and touch points to be cleaned after every appointment.
– Staff are responsible to clean their own office daily.
– As always, if staff are experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease or other illness, they are required to stay home from work.
– Any staff members that wishes to get vaccinations for COVID-19 or any other vaccine-preventable illnesses, IDHHC will support them.

That’s all. Keep caring and stay safe! Bye!

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