National Volunteer Week 2020

Today we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our volunteers and thank them for their expertise, time, commitment and professionalism while working with us. THANK YOU!!!!! We couldn’t do it without you!

The Island Deaf + Hard of Hearing Centre would like to thank all of our volunteers for their commitment to our agency, the clients and communities we support and for assisting our staff! Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks and events including our Summer Celebration, Tax Night, Christmas Open House, weekly games day, administrative duties pertaining to our Speech reading classes, the library, Sound of Change program, photocopying, tech support for clients, and yes even assisting us getting our office decorated for Christmas and re-potting our plants.

We would like to feature one volunteer, Chuck Filtness, who volunteers in our Sound of Change Program. Chuck always has a smile on his face and a jump in his step which is quite contagious. He is meticulous, dedicated, and plays an essential role in our Sound of Change Program as he handles the sorting, cleaning, and stock management to refurbish the accessories and hearing aids that are donated to us for this program.

Chuck first came to the Island Deaf + Hard of Hearing Centre approximately 7 years ago after many years of being in denial of his own hearing loss, which is extremely common. He initially attended a workshop being delivered on hearing loss. He was intrigued and wanted to learn more and started to attend a biweekly group meeting. He then enrolled in our Speech Reading courses Level 1 and Level 2.

During this time, our Hearing Health staff asked if he could initially help out with sorting through some technical aids that had been donated. The initial 2 bags of items turned into 6 bags and then there were the boxes of donated hearing aids that needed someone to go through them…. well, let’s just say the rest is history.

Our Sound of Change program provides FREE refurbished hearing aids to vulnerable and at-risk populations including low-income seniors and adults. To date we have provided almost 500 individuals with over 760 hearing aids which, if purchased new, would be valued at approximately $2 million dollars. They receive these refurbished hearing aids for FREE!!

Chuck loves learning about the technical aspect of things, so learning more about hearing aids was right up his alley. One thing that Chuck wishes everyone understood is that “NO TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME HEARING LOSS.”

Chuck, now the proud owner of two hearing aids has realized how much of a difference these hearing aids have made for him and improved his quality of life. He is fully committed to his work with the agency as he wants to make sure that every individual that needs hearing aids regardless of their income, can get them. He knows with each hearing aid he cleans, processes and refurbishes that one more person will be able to hear better and will have an improved quality of life. That is what brings Chuck back to volunteer each and every week. He also states that “everyone at the office makes me feel so appreciated for the work that I am doing. I get so much gratification knowing that I am assisting in the process of someone else’s hearing. Edward (Edward Storzer, our Audiologist) is so calm and patient with me when he is teaching me about the hearing aids and technical devices, I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do at IDHHC.”

We greatly appreciate the work Chuck contributes to the Sound of Change program and his presence in the office and chit chat about world events, local hockey games or his deep knowledge about all types of music is always enjoyed.

If you have hearing aids or assistive technical devices that you no longer use, we would greatly appreciate you donating them to us. During this current COVID-19 situation, they can be mailed in to: 130-1555 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria BC V8N 1A4 

All donated hearing aids are thoroughly sanitized during the refurbishing process.

If you would like to inquire if you are eligible for free refurbished hearing aids through our Sound of Change Program please contact our office at or by calling 250-592-8144 between 10am-2pm.

If you are looking to volunteer with our agency or on our Board of Directors, please contact us at


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