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Technology To Help You Keep Hearing

Consider ordering a Pocketalker to keep you hearing.

Right now people are keeping their distance and often wearing masks, making it even harder to understand them without being able to see their lips and with speech being muffled through masks. People are not able to get to hearing clinics for help and some people are in care homes, or hospitals without hearing aids and unable to leave.

Pocketalkers (personal amplifiers with headphones) are a very effective and easy to use option to effectively improve hearing, especially with healthcare workers and care-aids who are wearing masks and practicing physical distancing. Pocketalkers are easy to sanitize and wipe down, easy to keep in a pocket of a smock or gown, and can be supplied with sanitary headphone covers.

If you would like to order a Pocketalker, IDHHC can have it shipped directly to your home, and arrange payment by credit card over the phone. The cost is $185 and can be shipped directly to you.