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Stephanie Renaas


Stephanie is the Audiologist in our Nanaimo office. She earned her Master’s Degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences from UBC in 2016. Before joining IDHHC she spent four years in private practice focusing on hearing aid technology, community education, and aural rehabilitation. Born with a severe to profound congenital hearing loss, Stephanie understands the barriers of human connectedness that individuals face on a daily basis and is driven to do all she can to improve the quality of life for each client she works with using the latest technology and research available. Being a former IDHHC client herself, she is excited to give back to the agency in her role as an Audiologist. She has spent many years volunteering as a role model for d/Deaf youth as well as working with families to improve their ASL skills. In her spare time, Stephanie loves being outside hiking, camping and gardening as well as spending as much time as she can horseback riding.