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Mark Dunn


Mark Dunn is a Director at Large. Mark’s parents were instrumental along with a group of other parents with Deaf children in the founding of what became the Island Deaf + Hard of Hearing Centre. Mark served two terms as a Board of Director in the mid 1990’s before returning again now serving his 2nd term. Part of Mark’s role on the Board is to act as a liaison between the Deaf community and the Board, exchanging relevant information and news about upcoming events. Mark has been involved with the South Vancouver Island Association of the Deaf (SVIAD) for many years and currently holds the position of President with that Deaf organization. He is also the Chairperson for the 2021 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships which will be taking place in Vancouver, BC. Deaf hockey teams from around the world will be competing against each other for the championship title. Mark is a proud Board member with IDHHC and has been impressed with the Sound of Change program providing free refurbished hearing aids to those in need. When Mark is taking a break from his Board duties with 3 organizations he can be found out on the water as he is an avid fisherman.