Hearing Health Services

Hearing Health Services

In order to provide the highest standard of communication and hearing health support, IDHHC employs registered Audiologists and certified Communication Health Assistants. The Hearing Health Services team members bring a wide range of expertise and knowledge, in order to provide client centered services such as:

    • Understanding and recognizing the signs of hearing loss
    • Developing skills to communicate with someone who has a hearing loss
    • Developing strategies for managing difficult listening situations
    • Developing speechreading and listening skills
    • Increasing knowledge of hearing aids and cochlear implants
    • Supporting individuals who use hearing aids and cochlear implants
    • Hearing loss prevention
    • Support regarding selecting and purchasing assistive devices

Sound of Change

Sound of Change Initiative within the Hearing Health Services delivers service to low income and vulnerable persons with hearing loss.



Contact Us

For information or inquiries about hearing loss please feel free to contact our health team and we would be happy to help.