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Nominations – VLOG Transcript

Hello, my name is Louise Renière, yes it is a French name.

Today I’m here to do a VLOG for IDHHC’s Nomination Committee.

The nomination committee is putting a call out to all Deaf members who may be interested in joining the Board of Directors.  New members are also welcome to apply.

Those members who are motivated, energetic, creative and eager to work with IDHHC are encouraged to apply.  You don’t need to have a degree, the skills you have and can offer are sufficient.

Or if you  know someone that would make a good Board member, ask them if they are interested and if so, they can apply.

There is a process for Board nominations that must be followed according to IDHHC’s bylaws.  There is a nomination form that needs to be filled out.

Here is an example of the form.  At the top of the form you would put your name, and the names of two members who would like to support your nomination.  All 3 of you must sign the nomination form.

This form must be submitted no later than Monday May 13th.  Between May 15 to May 21stthe Nomination Committee will review the nomination forms and interview candidates for the Board of Directors.

I think I’ve covered everything, thank you for watching this VLOG.