Office Closure

The Victoria office of IDHHC will be closed to facilitate the move to its new address. The office will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday May 30th, May 31st, as well as June 1st.

The office will reopen on MONDAY, JUNE 4th at 8:30 am at the NEW ADDRESS: 130 – 1555 McKenzie Avenue.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** During that time, Interpreting Services will still be available.
Text 250.818.0479 or Email

Board Nominations

Nominations for the IDHHC Board of Directors are now being accepted by the Nominations Committee, of the Board. The deadline for nominations is May 22nd. All applicants require a completed nomination form, signed by the member wishing to serve on the Board, as well as two other members who support the nomination.

Read More and Download Nomination Form

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MIS Update

Hello, I’m Mark Dunn I am the representative for the Deaf community on Vancouver Island with IDHHC.  I wanted to let you know the good news about MIS.  MIS services on island are provided by IDHHC and that will continue until July 3rdat which time WIDHH will take over coordinating MIS services for Vancouver Island.  So continue to contact IDHHC for any MIS services until July 3rd.  Thank you

Announcement – New Manager of Communication Services at IDHHC

Today we share some exciting news about a newly created position and an addition to the IDHHC team.  We are delighted to announce that Kristi Falconer has been hired as the Manager of Communication Services for the Island and will be based in our Victoria office.  This new role will be responsible for the delivery of Interpreting and Captioning Services, as well as oversight of Employment Services portfolio. 
Kristi has been a long time valued interpreter in our community and brings with her a wealth of experience in not only Interpreting services but also systems knowledge, provincial and post-secondary administrative work, non-profit experience and event planning. She has also spent several years prior to her interpreting career in leadership roles in municipal offices, private sector and employment coaching. 
Kristi is ideal for this position as she brings the knowledge and experience to work in collaboration to ensure professional Best Practices be the foundation of all interpreting services here on the Island. She will also take the lead in supporting our employment team to grow and enhance services to meet the changing demands for employment in our community.
We are excited to have Kristi as part of the IDHHC team to work with us and the Deaf community members to reduce barriers and promote access and communication here on Vancouver Island.
Please feel free to connect with Kristi on skype at kristiidhhc or email her at 

Theme for International Day of Sign Languages and International Week of the Deaf 2018 – World Federation of the Deaf

[Watch ASL Video]
We are pleased to announce that following the declaration by the United Nations (UN), International Day of Sign Languages (IDSL) will be celebrated annually on the 23rd September as part of the International Week of the Deaf (IWDeaf).

For this year, taking place under a cross-cutting theme of ‘With Sign Language, Everyone is Included!’, IDSL will be held on Sunday 23rd September 2018 consecutively with IWDeaf which runs between Monday 24th September and Sunday 30th September 2018.


‘With Sign Language, Everyone is Included!’ observes the following collective goals of the IDSL and IWDeaf:

  • Reach out to and influence as many governments as possible to legally fulfil their obligations.
  • Promotes deaf people as unique in having both perspectives of disability and linguistic minority and that sign language and deaf culture strengthens multilingualism and are means of promoting, protecting and preserving diversity of languages and cultures globally.
  • Reflects the principles of the CRPD in its recognition of sign languages as equal to spoken languages. Sign languages are fully-fledged natural languages, structurally distinct from spoken languages, alongside which they coexist.
  • Emphasises sign language as a critical prerequisite to the full realisation of human rights for deaf people. Early access to sign language and services in sign language, including quality education available in sign language, is vital to the growth and development of the deaf individual and critical to the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals.
  • Stresses that when working with Deaf Communities, the principle of “nothing about us without us” must be considered and integrated.


The recommended hashtags for both the IDSL and IWDeaf are:


Tax Night in Victoria – March 27, 2018

IDHHC will host its Annual Tax Night on March 27, 2018 starting at 5:00pm. Tax Night is for low income Deaf, Deaf-blind, deafened and hard of hearing individuals; particularly for those who require the services of an ASL-English Interpreter or who have significant barriers to communication.


You must be on a low or fixed income.

  • Single person: $30,000 maximum income
  • Single person with one child: $35,000 maximum income(additional children $2,500 each)
  • Couple: $40,000 maximum income
  • If you are over these amounts please contact Leslee- ASAP

• You must live in the Greater Victoria area (Client exception see below)
• You must be Deaf, Deaf-Blind, deafened, or hard of hearing and require the services of an ASL-English Interpreter. Hard of hearing persons may not require interpreters.


  • You must REGISTER BEFORE March 23, 2018 for this event.
  • You must REGISTER via email/text or call at Victoria IDHHC
  • Appointments given on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.
  • We WILL NOT do Taxes for businesses, friends or family members.
  • 2017 Taxes ONLY – Be sure to bring tax receipts, T4’s etc. If you do not have them, then they are unable to fully prepare your taxes.
  • CLIENT EXCEPTION: If you live outside the Greater Victoria Area and are a client at Victoria IDHHC (meaning you have received services in the past two years), please contact Susanne Harnden to register., TTY: 250-592-8147, TEXT: 250-818-5738, VOICE: 250-592-8144.

Limited Availability – Register Now!