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Nominations for the Board – Part 1

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Summary after Townhall afternoon session, June 16, 2018 (video length: 6 minutes)

Townhall morning session, June 16, 2018 (video length: 1 1/2 hours)

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Hello, I’m Mark Dunn I am the representative for the Deaf community on Vancouver Island with IDHHC. I wanted to let you know the good news about MIS. MIS services on island are provided by IDHHC and that will continue until July 3rd at which time WIDHH will take over coordinating MIS services for Vancouver Island. So continue to contact IDHHC for any MIS services until July 3rd. Thank you.

Today we share some exciting news about a newly created position and an addition to the IDHHC team. We are delighted to announce that Kristi Falconer has been hired as the Manager of Communication Services for the Island and will be based in our Victoria office. This new role will be responsible for the delivery of Interpreting and Captioning Services, as well as oversight of Employment Services portfolio.

Kristi has been a long time valued interpreter in our community and brings with her a wealth of experience in not only Interpreting services but also systems knowledge, provincial and post-secondary administrative work, non-profit experience and event planning. She has also spent several years prior to her interpreting career in leadership roles in municipal offices, private sector and employment coaching.

Kristi is ideal for this position as she brings the knowledge and experience to work in collaboration to ensure professional Best Practices be the foundation of all interpreting services here on the Island. She will also take the lead in supporting our employment team to grow and enhance services to meet the changing demands for employment in our community.

We are excited to have Kristi as part of the IDHHC team to work with us and the Deaf community members to reduce barriers and promote access and communication here on Vancouver Island.
Please feel free to connect with Kristi on skype at kristiidhhc or email her at

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