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How to Use Proxy – Read VLOG Script

Hello, my name is Nikki Sellars.

The purpose of this VLOG is to let you know about IDHHC”s AGM on June 26th at 6pm. This VLOG is to explain about the PROXY process. I will be explaining what a proxy is and how it is used for those of you that may not be familiar with the use of proxys.

Following IDHHC’s Bylaws, IDHHC would like to let those Deaf members that are not able to attend the AGM still have an opportunity to vote. If you are not able to attend, you can find another member that is able to attend or you can utilize the Board of Directors President to carry your proxy.

Here is an example of the form. You would fill out your name then you can check off the box to choose either the President of the Board of Directors or you can choose another member and check off that box.

Remember the person carrying your vote must be a member in good standing and have paid their annual membership fee of $25. You would put their name and address on the form. You will also need to sign the proxy form and date it.

You must send in or drop off your proxy form by 12noon on Tuesday June 25th 2019. Any proxys received after 12noon on Tuesday June 25th, cannot be accepted. It is important to get your proxy in on time.

I will explain how your vote will be recognized if you cannot attend the AGM. When the person carrying your proxy shows up at the AGM that person will see a list on the wall and your name will be on the list with their name beside it. That person will carry your proxy which means they will vote for you at the meeting. That is how the proxy voting works.

If you cannot attend the AGM because you are working, at school or need to look after your children or for any other reason that you cannot attend the AGM then you can use this proxy vote process to still have your vote counted at the AGM.

You can get your proxy form to IDHHC by either dropping it off in person at this address:
130-1555 McKenzie Avenue
You can fax it to: 250-592-8199
You can email it to: idhhc@idhhc.ca
Or you can mail it to the same address listed above 130-1555 McKenzie Avenue

If you have any questions you can contact Kristi Falconer at communication@idhhc.ca

Thank you for watching this VLOG.