Helen Parker

Member at Large

Originally from England, Helen moved to Canada in 1980 where she accepted a position with the Western Institute of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH) as a Rehab Counsellor. Part of her job was to act as liaison with CNIB regarding services for Deaf Blind persons. In the late 90’s she worked for Occupation Health and Safety for Capital Regional Health (now VIHA).
While in the UK, she worked for a non-profit after leaving school and gaining her professional qualification. She also worked for a County Council and led a team of social workers, as well as advising the Director of Social Services on matters related to hearing loss.

She was a team member on a 3-year project, with the British Deaf Association, focused on public education regarding hearing loss and sign language, and developing assessment tools which led to the Registry of Skilled Interpreters.

Helen has served as a board member for the Canadian Deaf Blind Rubella Association.

She has been an active volunteer for most of her adult life and is looking forward to contributing to the work of the IDHHC board.