Cheryl Pardue


My hearing loss is attributed to some family aspects. My grandmother, father, brother and myself all have dealt with hearing loss. I learned about 15 years ago that I was missing parts of conversation even though I was sitting between two people at work. The conversation for me was difficult at best, and will never forget getting my first set of hearing aids and feeling like I had come to life again!

I have volunteered and been the Chair of Membership for three years in the Washington Coop where I live. I also have served on the Board for three years as Treasurer and Member at Large. Through this time, I was involved in several ad hoc committees to review different staff job descriptions, as well as drawing up a Bullying and Harassment Policy, among others.

I have been in BC Government service for 40 years this year, currently with the Workforce Planning and Medical Beneficiary Services Division.

Prior to moving to Victoria in 1972, I was born and raised in Red Deer where I took my nursing after a couple of years of secretarial work following high school. I have been married and have two adult children, who live in Ontario and on the mainland. I have been involved in the church and choir most of my life. I love to garden, do crafts, walk / hike, spend time at the beach, and read / listen to music.

My father raised me to know that strangers are only friends we have never met, so I am always open to making new friends, and what better way than volunteering.