Alanna Cooke

Member at Large

Alanna and her husband moved to Victoria in 2016, just before their first child was born. The couple now has two little kids and couldn’t be happier. Alanna is a city planner, and has worked with municipalities in Alberta and British Columbia focusing on urban design, community development and public engagement. She currently works with the District of Saanich.

The challenges that come with being hard of hearing have always been a part of Alanna’s life. Her father is legally deaf and has struggled with his hearing loss since he was an infant. He has undergone surgeries and wears hearing aids to assist his daily routines. Alanna and her eldest brother were born with genetic hearing loss. Facing their hearing issues as young adults, their worlds improved in all aspects once properly assessed and hearing aids introduced. Alanna has been a proud supporter of hearing health and has advocated for its increased recognition for nearly 10 years, including organized fundraisers, marches, and advertising.

Alanna is excited to be able to contribute to the Vancouver Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and continue to help educate and support a far too under recognized issue that faces so many.