Public Listening Systems for People with Hearing Loss

Thursday, April 22, 2021 @ 5 – 6PM

Please join us when we welcome Tim Archer from Advanced Listening Systems (ALS) for a Zoom presentation. He and his team use the most advanced technology to create listening environments for hard of hearing people throughout Canada. He will discuss a variety of public space assistive listening systems, including FM, Infrared, and Induction Loop Systems. Learn about how this technology can be helpful for you, and the wide variety of hearing situations where these they are utilised, from small offices, to banks, to public transportation, to auditoriums and theatres.
Presented by Tim Archer of Advanced Listening Systems

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Captioning and ASL will be provided for all workshops unless otherwise stated.

One Comment on “Public Listening Systems for People with Hearing Loss”

  1. I have been wearing hearing aids for 30 yrs I have yet to find a pir satisfactory for my hearing loss type. years ago I was subjected to loud, sharp sudden noise which I believe caused the hairsy on the antenna to die leaving little to decode the sounds into words.

    my volume seems okay it’s the interpetation of the incoming lies the difficulty although high voices and back ground noise

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