Provincial Medical Sign Language Interpreting Services: Community Engagement

Provincial Medical Sign Language Interpreting Services: Community Engagement

In late 2016, the Provincial Languages Services reviewed the provincial medical Sign language interpreting services.

The review gathered input from a variety of stakeholders, including the Deaf, hard-of-hearing and Deaf-Blind community.

Based on the feedback received from the community, we realized that we must engage further with clients who use Sign language interpreting services. To help do this, we have hired Delaney + Associates to facilitate and report on meetings with the community.

This engagement is to understand the values and needs of the Deaf, hard-of-hearing and Deaf-Blind and help us develop a medical Sign language interpreting services that works for the community. The engagement process will be completed by the end of March 2018.

An engagement session is taking place in Victoria (Vancouver Island: 1:30pm March 10, 2018, Quadra Room, Comfort Inn Hotel, 3020 Blanchard Street), and we are asking for your input. We are also offering an opportunity to provide feedback via Online Survey if you cannot attend in person.

In March 2018, we will consult with clients again when we have a proposed model for a service delivery. The proposed model will be developed with the input we receive.

For any questions, please email

Thank you for participating in the engagement.

NOTE: The survey is anonymous. It consists of open-ended questions. We do not wish to collect any information that might identify you. We encourage you not to provide any identifying information, such as names, ages, or identification numbers, in your answers to open ended questions.

UPDATE: Please note because we are doing more engagement sessions, our timelines have been moved. We are now expecting that our final engagement session will be in April.

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